Rethinking Your Advertising Dollars?
A good question for any business is how you have budgeted your marketing dollars. Foxworth Tree Service has relied on simple grassroots marketing. A great local reputation and word of mouth has kept this company in business for over 25 years.

The Problem
Due to Local competition and a realization that money previously budgeted for YP adds we’re no longer creating as much business as they previously did, Foxworth Tree Service decided to make a change.

The Solution
Skypress proposed that turning that budget into to a new website and a solid SEO strategy. With a new presence on the web and ever increasing SEO rankings Robert Foxworth from Foxworth Tree Service is now on the right track. A wordpress platform was chosen for it’s ease of use and built in features. Within two weeks a new website was built and prepped for SEO. The SEO strategy was positioned to hone in on local searches relating to tree services. A new mobile site was developed to support an on-the-go lifestyle present especially in the service industry.